Steps to take

Here is a list of resources for newcomers to the lab.

Resource people

Régine Paul ( #4773)

She is part of the technical team and is located on the 7th floor of the research centre. Contact her and/or make an appointment if you need to:

  • office key
  • phone line
  • subscription to the CRIUGM mailing-list

Abel Daunay ( #3364)

He's part of the I.T. team. Contact him if you need to:

  • create an email
  • register and/or update your information on the CRIUGM directory.
  • printer installation
  • installation of the ethernet network

It is possible to connect freely to the wifi network CRIUGM within the building.


Contact them with Dr Brambati in cc to create your account. This UNF account allows you to access the different data and computing servers located within the building.


mailing list

  • subscribe to the mailing-list of the laboratory as soon as possible.
  • the research centre also has a mailing-list. Régine must have subscribed you to it, if not please contact Abel.


Two slack discussion platforms are available, sign up:

  • the lab's: lingualab.
  • the UNF one to easily reach the scientific community of the center: mic-unf.

Each platform requires the creation of an account.

You can ask your neuroimaging questions, be informed about conferences, discuss directly with other researchers, research professionals, students, ...


The zotero platform allows the exchange of bibliography within the laboratory. Create an account and communicate your username to Christophe to access the groups (see dedicated page).

To learn more about the use of the zotero software, it is strongly advised to attend the training given by Pascal Martinolli (librarian), Zotero : bibliographies automatisées. Registration to the training is available from the calendar of the University of Montreal library.


This platform allows the management of projects and tasks within the laboratory. Ask Christophe or Dr Brambati for the invitation if you haven't received it yet.


If you need to share your code or analyses within the lab, create a gitlab account and request access to the group directly on the website.


A google calendar as well as a google drive is available. Provide your email to Christophe to access them.


If you are participating in the stroke project, in collaboration with Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal, you will need access to the behavioural database (see dedicated page).


A facebook group of students exists, ask around! website details

A place is reserved for you on the lab's website. You can put whatever you want and nothing is mandatory.

Here is an example of Dr. Brambati's file.

Contact Christophe or Bérengère for more information.

access to the computing servers

Workstations and visualization stations as well as a computing server are available through your UNF account.

For larger needs, access to Compute Canada's HPC servers is available. Create an account here and ask to be sponsored by Dr. Brambati (mzp-974-02).