The data server and workstations are integrated into the UNF (Functional Neuroimaging Unit).

Servers and stations


Data can be viewed and analyses can be run directly from the workstations.

There are 5 workstations on the 6th floor of the building, each with different characteristics.

  • epinette, meleze, sapin: workstations with GPU
  • thuya: workstation without GPU
  • pin: station specialized in visualization with several screens

All stations are located in the open space on the 6th floor except for the epinette which is in office M6827. They are all self-service.

compute servers

The UNF has two computing servers in the building, elm and jacaranda. They allow you to run your analyses there.

For analyses requiring more power, please consider using Compute Canada's HPC servers.

data server

It is automatically accessible from all the workstations and servers mentioned above. Just go to the /data/brambati folder.

For information only, since there is no need to connect to it, its name is sequoia.

How do I connect?

You can log in on these machines with your UNF credentials.

From the CRIUGM network, the machines are accessible by ssh and sftp. For example, if you want to connect to meleze: ssh <username>@meleze.criugm.qc.ca.

From outside the research centre, only elm and jacaranda are available.